Q: What lead you to pursue medicine?

A: I truly want to help people and help to improve their quality of life

Q: What is it that motivated you to pursue a pain specialty?

A:  Pain is very disabling, and significantly decreases people’s function and quality of life.  Being able to help alleviate pain and improve function is very rewarding.  I also enjoy the neuromuscular system and the interventional procedures that is afforded by the subspecialty of pain medicine.  All of the aspects of a career in pain medicine led me down this career path.

Q: How do you spend your time away from the office?

A: We have 4 kids, so a lot of time away from the office is spent with them, coaching sports teams etc.  We also like to travel as a family.

Q: If you hadn’t studied medicine, what occupation would you have pursued?

A: I was actually a physical therapist prior to going to medical school.  So I would likely be continuing to work in that area of healthcare.  It is also a very rewarding field.

Q: What would you patients be surprised to know about you?

A: I actually lived in Australia for 3 years growing up.  It was during my middle school years.  My Dad was doing work down there, it was a great experience!

To learn more about Dr. Claflin, see his bio.

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